Monday, March 22, 2010

Light Photography Workshop with Michael Williams and Dave Honl

I just got home from a great workshop that Michael Williams and Dave Honl hosted for us folks in Phoenix this afternoon. They are two great guys that taught me a lot and really have expanded my lighting techniques. I look forward to using my new skills in future shoots.

Here are a few photos from the new techniques I learned this afternoon:

A picture of Michael Williams, this was shot at f/4, 1/125 ISO 200 with tungsten white balance, used a single strobe 1/4 power with a Honl Speedgrid and a CTO Honl gel over the strobe.

Here is a shot of Christie, this was shot at f/14, 1/200 ISO 100 with a single strobe and using a Honl gold reflector.

Lastly here is a photo of me with Michael Williams (left) and Dave Honl (right) after the workshop. I look forward to attending another workshop hosted by either of them the next time they visit Phoenix.

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